When stopped to let the train go by, under breath do the words slip out "stupid train?” I know for me they do. But, then I begin to take in the graffiti drawings, the graffiti signatures and then the graffiti pearls of wisdom - well, not all of them, but some are fairly profound.

To paraphrase a pearl of wisdom on this evening's train that was crossing over University: What we stand up for shows what we are against.

Those words caused me to think, what do I stand for?

These are ideals and things that populated into my thoughts, and thought maybe there are others that believe certain things should be stood up for, and showing a small peek at an against:

1. Promotions that are deserved that have job descriptions that reflect the position, not a person the position is written for, shows distinctive favoritism and disregard for the hiring process of qualified persons;

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2. Raises that are deserved, not given through a slight of hand through the use of undeserved promotions or favoritism;

3. Inclusion for all persons including the disabled and their right to work --look around, how many physically disabled persons are visible in the workforce?

4. That standing up to bullies should be something done, not thought about being done;

5. That showing a kindness is the right thing to do;

6. Drawing a line when double standards become the norm and having the courage to speak up;

7. Last, but not least, having compassion for those that are suffering or hurting and come from a place of understanding rather than derision for their situation

I guess in a perfect world, standing up for something would be easy, but it's not; it's not how society works. Sort of sad, don't you think?