The hottest hot-button issue for our nation has been and continues to be abortion.

Recent right-to-life legislation in Alabama, Kentucky, Iowa, Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri has triggered an intense and blatant level of well-documented media bias in their abortion coverage; contrary to the non-coverage of New York state’s abortion legislation which legalized a second attempt at killing a baby post-birth, should pre-birth abortion fail.

Media’s partisanship continues a long-standing record of burying or ignoring pro-life perspectives, as it relates to laws protecting the unborn. For many within “mainstream media,” abortion is now a non-debatable debate topic. From daytime television talk shows and evening newscasts to the virtuous entertainment industry, the guardians of abortion have four unambiguous goals: isolate dissent, distort reality through fiction, exclude or deny medical science, prohibit pictures of ultrasounds or graphic images of the post-abortion dead and above all else, control the message. Abortion must be a battle of words. Nothing more.

Key elements of message control include restricting access to media platforms, uniformity and repetition of message within semantically-friendly frames of argument, the omission of fact when preferred narratives are threatened, and the obliteration of objectivity with subjective relativism. For millions within the pro-life movement, the deck remains stacked. Within the past month, the New York Times has managed to magically transpose the medical term “heartbeat” into a non-medical term of “embryonic pulses.”

The purpose of this newly-minted, linguistic transfiguration by the Times was to sanitize abortion - by separating a basic human function from absolute human science - and dehumanize the unborn through creative contortions of euphemistic cleansing.

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Joseph Goebbels would be proud.