Port: Stop pretending like your kids don’t already know what marijuana is

A former jewelry store location in the Western Center shopping mall in Fargo near West Acres will be site of the Acreage North Dakota medical marijuana dispensary. The dispensary at 4302 13th Ave. S. is expected to be open Feb. 28.

Though legal (or at least decriminalized) recreational marijuana probably isn’t going to be a thing in North Dakota for a while yet, we aren’t all that far away from licensed businesses legally selling marijuana from medicinal purposes in our communities.

That’s due to a very poorly written ballot measure passed by voters in the 2016 election cycle (and subsequently turned into workable policy during the 2017 legislative session). But even despite a political consensus behind it, we’re still seeing some resistance to medical marijuana.

Case in point, this column from Minot Daily News editor Michael Sasser who argues that a medical marijuana business ought not to go in the local mall because kids might see it or something.

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