Marilyn Hagerty: Winter is finally on its way out the door

Mother Nature is trying to help out, but there still is a lot of snow piled all over the Forks.

Marilyn Hagerty

Dear Dave McFarlane,

We hear from our Arizona friends, but you folks in Florida have been rather quiet. I suppose you are busy helping out here and there and testing the golf courses. And you probably are doing more photography!

Are the Twins getting ready to come back north in another month?

Here in Grand Forks, it feels as though we have turned the corner. We have winter on the run since Daylight Saving Time moved in Sunday.

The UND hockey team probably will have a trail of followers to St. Paul this weekend. They are going to the Frozen Face Off. And there is no school here in Grand Forks this week. It’s spring break time.


I am sure you will be seeing some students from UND in Florida. They always manage to get down there.

The color is green on Thursday, you know, for St. Patrick’s Day.

We have some O’Learys, O’Briens and O’Keefes in our area phone book. There are some Kelly’s, too.

Dakota dining

Meanwhile Tom Brosseau and his family are living here in Grand Forks now. He’s been doing some of his national radio shows with a “Dakota Dining” theme. He visits area restaurants. His Public Prairie radio show comes on here at 5 p.m. Saturdays at 90.7 on the dial.

I don’t know about you, Dave, but I enjoy radio. Almost more than television. It’s a companion that goes with you throughout the day. Television is great, but you don’t always have time during the day to sit down and focus in with it. Long years ago, I worked for KFYR at Bismarck.

You probably are out and about most of the time. Well, we here in Grand Forks are emerging now from a winter spent looking out the window. We long will remember this past winter of masks, precaution and bitter cold.

And still there is a sense of humor around. There have been license plates spotted around here; 2 COOL10 and WE B HOT.

Your friend in the Forks, Marilyn


P.S. Mother Nature is trying to help out, but there still is a lot of snow piled all over the Forks.

P.P.S. Let me know when you are planning to visit Grand Forks and your family here this summer. Maybe we can have another cookie fest.

The snow is deeply piled. And Mother Nature may be thinking of having it piled up more before she is done for this year. She has been known to leave the snow lingering around as late as May.

Opinion by Marilyn Hagerty
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