Marilyn Hagerty: What lies ahead as we enter April?

Well, this is kind of silly. But it seems as though the whole world is a little out of whack this year.

Marilyn Hagerty

Dear Sandy Mason,

Since you and Earl are permanent residents down there by Tucson, you probably are waving goodbye to all the snowbirds – or “winter visitors” as they prefer to be called. And we have Florida winter people heading back this way, too.

These are days of wonder as coronavirus is still around. You wonder if the number of people at Easter gatherings should be limited. Does anyone wear Easter bonnets anymore? How do you dye Easter eggs?

I wonder if the rabbit in my backyard is related to the Easter Bunny. Does Santa Claus go to church on Easter Sunday? Is he ever able to go fishing up there at the North Pole? How does Mrs. Claus fry them?

Well, this is kind of silly. But it seems as though the whole world is a little out of whack this year.


Time marches on

This is the week we move into April. By Good Friday, most of the schools will be closed for Easter. And yes, it won’t take long for the golfers to be out in numbers. You and Earl would be amazed at the changes on the campus where he taught civil engineering. They are taking down the historic brick stadium and building a new space for sports facilities.

With it go the memories of football games in autumn. Games where you needed blankets and boots to stay warm. Also go the memories of watching fireworks there in the summer. But time marches on, and I guess so must we!

The UND hockey team lost to Duluth in a record setting overtime game Saturday night. It was amazing to hear the account by Tim Hennessy on the radio. The UND fans were there making themselves known.

Impossible child

Well, here’s sending best wishes to you for April. I’ve been reading a yellowed clipping about March written by Patty Johnson and entitled, “The Problem Child.”

In it, Mother Nature says, “I don’t know what I am going to do about March. He’s the most obnoxious of my Twelve. Just when I think he might straighten out and behave himself like April and May, he has another temper tantrum. Or he sits I a corner with February and sulks.”

And Mother Nature says April and May always have been her pride and joy.” April doesn’t always behave as nicely as May, but when she is on her best behavior she is a charmer.”

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