Marilyn Hagerty: There will be better days

Marilyn Hagerty

Dear Doug Norby,

You may have a point. Yep, we shouldn’t be so grouchy in these times. We should find reasons to be of good cheer.

After all, the birds still are singing. The grass is growing. The rhubarb is up.

I’m glad you called and told me how great it is to be out and about. You have been in business here for a long time. I didn’t know you had a stroke in January. And now without side effects you are out on the golf course at King’s Walk. There is joy you can find on a golf course and recovery from anything that hits you. Now you walk as well as ride a golf cart. And you say you find cheerful people out there.

I think you are right when you say in life you need to try hard. Then keep trying.


Too often these days we just meet others on the streets and shake our heads. But we know this coronavirus will pass. There will be better days.

Things happen

I always used to think things like this never happened. I never even knew what the Bubonic Plague was. Only that it happened long, long ago. Now we know anything can happen.

So many of our spring events have been canceled. Don Craig reluctantly sent a message to his band members saying, “See you in the fall.” Still, with proper precautions, he is holding his Craig family concert. All the places the band would play are, of course, closed down to groups right now.

And who knows whether the Grand Forks City Band will be playing their concerts this summer. Time, only, will tell.

These are such different times.

Central High School had orchestra and choir concerts scheduled this week. The prom that was canceled on April 25.

Tell the children

You wonder what these seniors will be telling their children – what they will be talking about when there are class reunions 20 or 30 years from now.

Yes, Doug, you are right. You say that even now we should find reasons for good cheer. There are people helping one another. Children who are helping out at home. The sun still comes up in the morning.


People have faithfully been wearing masks – hoping to protect others in places such as the supermarkets. Seems to me the President of the United States could do that, too. Even though he probably doesn’t buy groceries for the White House.

Remember to keep your manners, Doug, and I’ll try more to be of good cheer!

Your friend on Cottonwood Street,


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