Marilyn Hagerty: The end of February brings football, hockey, basketball and Lenten

It’s no wonder the big gray squirrel in the backyard seems puzzled.

Marilyn Hagerty

The last weekend of February arrives with football, basketball playoffs, Lenten services and hockey. It’s no wonder the big gray squirrel in the backyard seems puzzled.

And although they don’t talk very much, I think I heard one furnace telling another, “This has been a tough run.”

Tim Bock of Great Plains Heating Co., can vouch for that. He knows first hand that February 2021 has been a terrible test for furnaces. He said, “They have been pushed to the limit. But this week the weather has started to cooperate. The furnaces were running constantly without reprieve.”

There have been exhaust motor failures, plugged vents and intakes freezing over. But Travis Dahlin, service manager at Vilandre’s, says things are getting better.

Furnace people will tell you that many of the heating units in this area are facing old age. It has been 24 years since they were installed citywide after the flood of 1997.


Spring parade

Spring is just around the corner. And St. Patrick’s Day is waiting on the 17th of March. To lead the way on Saturday, March 13, the Grand Forks Masons are planning their 13th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Through the depths of winter, the Freemasons of Malta Lodge 131 and members of the Shrine have been thinking about the parade.

They are sending out the message to all who are tired of winter and the pandemic to set their sights on the parade.

The lineup is at 2:30 p.m. on South Third Street on March 13, near the Grand Forks County parking ramp. Then the parade begins at 3 p.m., heading north on Third Street to Kelly’s Bar at 309 N. Third Street.

The parade is open to the public for participation. Application forms are available from Mike Argenziano at 917-439-9587. And standing by to answer questions is Jesse Stephan a 701-741-2720.

This sounds like a brave, well-organized venture. After all, there’s nothing like a parade to brighten the shadows cast by a long winter full of coronavirus. And maybe the parade watchers will understand that as a precaution, there will be no candy flying around.

Ask Marilyn

Q. What else is happening on March 13?

A. It’s the date for the annual Knight for a Princess Daddy/Daughter dance sponsored by the Grand Forks Park District. Meanwhile, the days of March bring the joy of basketball tournaments and the promise of spring.


Q. What will children of today tell their children of tomorrow?

A. They will tell the next generation about the days of wearing masks and keeping their distance from others. They will talk of the long winter of 2020-21 and how they longed for springtime.

Charlie and Becky

Cheerful people of the week: Charlie Zick and Becky Horner.

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