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Marilyn Hagerty: The days of summer are fleeting

Well, as everyone knows, summer seems so fleeting here around Grand Forks. We love it. We hate to leave it behind.

Marilyn Hagerty
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GRAND FORKS — Dear Dave McFarlane,

You and Nancy must be back in Florida by now after your quick visit with all the McFarlanes around Grand Forks. Now in August we are hanging on to all there is left of summer. We are swatting flies and eating tomatoes from the gardens. The Norwegians among us are planning a corn feed this Thursday.

Did I ever tell you about my niece Maddy? She lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota. And the latest population she has seen reported in that state is 905,404.

Well, Maddy says they might get 500,000 bikers before the annual visit from everywhere is over. The recreational vehicles are flying down the usually peaceful roads in the Black Hills.

She says, “They all love to pretend they are Harleys and do all manner of outrageous maneuvers.”


String and wind

Yes, summer is really in full bloom around here now. In a way, it is reaching harvest time in the arts as well as in the gardens. This Friday, for instance, 31 student string and wind musicians from more than a dozen schools will present a concert at 11:30 a.m. at the Grand Forks Historical Society Myra Museum grounds or inside in case of rain. The music by members of Del Segno Northern Valley Youth Orchestra Music Camp and will also be heard downtown Grand Forks during the Saturday farmers market.

And it isn’t too early to let friends know that UND Homecoming events are being planned for Sept. 26 to Oct. 1. After all, you don’t get cousin Raymond and aunt Mabel to pack up without an early notice.

Fleeting days

Well, as everyone knows, summer seems so fleeting here around Grand Forks. We love it. We hate to leave it behind. But the signs are all around us every day. The harvest is at hand and the want ad section of the Herald is dotted with the needs for help. I suppose people will be heading back to Florida before long.

My idea is to keep looking at the calendar. The days of August are precious in the gardens, on the golf course, the tennis courts. Heritage Days are coming up this weekend in East Grand Forks.

Philip the Fly is looking for flights down south. Juanita the Wasp is enjoying the late summer. And Margo the Hammer is ready to help with late summer chores.

Best regards from Grand Forks

Your friend, Marilyn

There is to be no worry about winter during the celebration of homecoming. Just the memories. The best memories.

Opinion by Marilyn Hagerty
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