Marilyn Hagerty: The days are dwindling down toward Christmas

Mother Nature has painted the landscape white with freshly fallen snow. And the calendar says there is a full moon on Saturday.

Marilyn Hagerty

The days dwindle down toward Christmas with graduation ceremonies all around the UND campus this weekend. Mother Nature has painted the landscape white with freshly fallen snow. And the calendar says there is a full moon on Saturday.

The fine art of Christmas cards is all around us — though there are many who prefer to go online with holiday greetings. Still, the pictures that come in the mail of children and families make up holiday décor.

Christmas cards end up in baskets in many homes. They make their way out when the new batch arrives. They come from friends in Florida and Arizona. They come from relatives in California and Vermont. Then, there are always a few surprises.

Getting out and about in Grand Forks is enhanced by the newly fallen snow. There are lights in the night up and down the streets. And the grand display sponsored by the Lions Clubs in Lincoln Park.

Out and about

Ever since it opened, Harry’s Steakhouse has been making waves downtown at 421 DeMers Ave. Although there was a puff of reporting with the recent opening, there still is a hearty curiosity surrounding the new restaurant.


Although it seemed as though the place was packed early one evening this week, we were not rushed. With two friends it was a fine experience. Along with appetizers including Harry’s rings there was an interesting choice of soups and salads. There’s one labeled Wedge 13 that is made with chopped bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, cherry tomatoes and red onion.

The décor is comfortable, elegant and the staff is friendly. There are various areas within the restaurant that make for a pleasant experience.

In dozens of years writing the Eatbeat for the Herald, the is perhaps the finest restaurant among the many in the downtown area. It brings things back to life.

Katie and Todd

Cheerful people of the week: Katie Lorenson and Todd Feland.

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