Marilyn Hagerty: September is starting to fade away

Marilyn Hagerty
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GRAND FORKS — The last weekend is at hand and the month of September is fading away.

At UND, homecoming is at hand. The Potato Bowl parade rolled its way through Greater Grand Forks in beautiful weather on Saturday. These are the days when summer gently fades into fall.

These are the days when Norwegians around Grand Forks have a saying – if life gives you potatoes, make lefse.

And this saying might have originated with Cindy Dahl of the Sons of Norway.

The Queen is Gone


There is sadness around Grand Forks and all over the world. The Queen of England has gone to the great throne in the sky, I guess. No longer is that “royal” who speaks gently, smiles sometimes and wears a crown. For me, she was a symbol of gracious life and royalty.

In the busy-ness of life there is a time and a place for heroes to emerge. They show up in sports, in acting and government. To each his own – The queen of England was certainly not the world’s best golfer.

Weather talk

Whether or not — snow or rain — people usually depend on the weather man. Among local people who watch the weather is Mark Ewens. Now semi-retired, he spends time on local radio KNOX. He also speaks occasionally to local groups.

He told a group at Wheatland Terrace he thinks the rain is coming. He said, “We typically don’t get much water out of the sky this time of year.”

November and December in recent years have been the start of winter weather. January and February tend to be more windy.

Tornadoes, he said, are more likely in a wetter summer.

And what do we know about fall and winter?


He thinks once past Thanksgiving, there will be another cold, snowy winter awaiting.

Ewens said he believes some of the best soil in the world is along the Red River of the North. He notes, “The diversity of crops is outstanding.”

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