Marilyn Hagerty: School is ready to start in Grand Forks

We are just switching into a back-to-school mode here in Grand Forks. Would you believe the high schools already are playing football?

Marilyn Hagerty
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GRAND FORKS — Dear Sandy Mason,

It’s good to hear from you in August, even though this is not your best season in Arizona.

You say you are so used to the muted summer shades of your desert. It used to take you a while to absorb the dense green when you came back to Grand Forks in summers.

Well, Gerty the Grasshopper rests now on my window screen in the sun. She even has nerve enough to think of crawling in for the winter.

That will be a while. We are just switching into a back-to-school mode here in Grand Forks. Would you believe the high schools already are playing football? And, oh yes, there’s a lot of shopping for new shoes. And school supplies.


I’m sure your husband Earl Mason remembers his many years as a professor at UND. The campus is alive again with the new year beginning. President Andy Armacost and his wife had a picnic for faculty at their house. Yes, people come and go.

I miss Sarmila Suba, who was a care partner at Wheatland Terrace recently. With her family from Nepal, she lived in Grand Forks for seven years. Now she’s 21, and she left with her family for Columbus, Ohio. They are resettling. She and her brother both graduated from Red River High School.

She told me she loved it at Red River.

Now she is moving on with her parents, Aita and Sita Suba, and her brother Sanam. While in Grand Forks, she said, her mother found work housekeeping and her father did truck driving.

Sarmila worked for three years in dining services at Wheatland in Grand Forks and was honored as a care partner. She and her family became U.S. citizens. Now she seeks a college education. She would like to be a flight attendant or do interior designing.

Sugar beets

Time marches on. Anyone looking for work would find it in the sugar beet harvest coming up here. The trucks will soon be running.

You probably will enjoy the peace and quiet of the grocery stores for a while more now. Then I am sure the ice and snow will send your winter people back to Arizona.

Best regards,




Opinion by Marilyn Hagerty
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