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Marilyn Hagerty: Remembering Pearl Harbor

It was back in 1942. Dec. 7, 1942. Pearl Harbor Day was born.

Marilyn Hagerty

Yes, I remember.

It was back in 1942. Dec. 7, 1942. Pearl Harbor Day was born.

And it is acknowledged on calendar today. Thoughts go back to the radio in the living room. One of those radios with a round top. A troop from around Pierre, S.D., had at last reports been at Pearl Harbor. My brother Harley was one of them.

There were a few tense days before it was reported they had left Pearl Harbor for Australia before the bombing.

Yes, it has been a while. I was at the time a junior in Pierre Senior High School.


Many a Christmas has come and gone since Pearl Harbor. The memories linger as years fly by.

Three weeks

Never-the-less, Christmas of 2021 is on course for celebration in three weeks. The last week of classes is under way at UND. The beautiful sounds of the season are all around us. But the traditional Christmas musicale presented by Thursday Music Club was abandoned because of the weekend snow storm, the wind and the threatening of blizzard conditions.

This would have been the 97th year of the Christmas Musicale in Grand Forks, according to Laurie Charette. Along with Thursday Music Club President Elaine Einarson. She says the club will just have to look ahead to next year.

Meanwhile, the Laffont Competition, formerly known as the Met Auditions by the Metropolitan Opera, has been renamed. It will be coming up at UND on Feb. 5.

With finals coming up at UND, there are plans for commencement on Dec. 17.

Snow and plates

Snow has made its appearance, and it looks as though it is moving in for a while. But there still are interesting license plates showing up around the Forks. They include JUST 15, BLU JUL, SIOUX FAN, HERBY. AIso BIG BLUE on a blue pickup truck.

And JOY on a happy car.

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