Marilyn Hagerty: No time for superstitions this Potato Bowl eve

Marilyn Hagerty

Not too many people worry about the fact that this is Friday the 13th. There is too much going on around the Forks. No time to twit about old superstitions.

And the Potato Bowl parade is getting lined up for its 10 am. start up University Avenue Saturday.

The bands will be there. The Shriners will be around in full force. There will be tailgating before, during and after the Potato Bowl football game at 4 p.m. Saturday between the Fighting Hawks and Sam Houston State. But first, the Hawk Hucksters will be gathering for lunch at 11:30 a.m. today in Room 5 at the Alerus Center.

My heart is filled with wonder:

  • How many bands will there be in the parade?
  • How do all those people stand on the upper level at each end of the field and watch the football games in the Alerus?
  • Will the weather be OK tonight for the finale at River Cities Speedway?
  • What is a Bubba Burger?
  • Did Philip the Fly take with him Minnie the Mosquito when he went South?

When it comes to potatoes, we boil them, we mash them, we fry them.
In a semi-official research project, we posed the question:


Q. How do you like to eat your potatoes?

A. Hash browns โ€“ Lowell Schweigert

A. They have to be Red River Reds baked and loaded with lots of butter and sour cream โ€“ Sandy Slater.

A. Mashed โ€“ Jerry Bugliosi

A. Baby reds in white sauce โ€“ Diane Beaton

A. Boiled. Love to mash them if there is time. --- Kirk Meseck

Research shows that a Bubba Burger with Cloverdale chipotle bacon ($9.75) is one of the items for sale at half time of football games. There are also Hawks Strip baskets for $7.75.

Philip and Minnie

It is rumored that Philip the Fly asked Minnie the Mosquito to go with him South. Some say she grew weary of Philip and stopped her southward journey down by Brookings, S.D. Meanwhile, Ronald the Rabbit is hunkering down in the backyard.


Paul, Olivia and Nicholas

Cheerful people of the week: Parade Ambassadors Paul Dolan, Olivia Taylor and Nicholas Thompson.

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