Marilyn Hagerty: Moving on into harvest time

The skies are blue and the leaves are beginning to turn from green to autumn gold.

Marilyn Hagerty
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Dear Dave McFarlane,

We move on. It’s beet harvest time. The skies are blue and the leaves are beginning to turn from green to autumn gold. For you it might take a while to recover from dodging that hurricane down there in Florida.

You have said, “We are safe and sound and very fortunate.”

Well, I am hoping you two can put the wild weather in Florida behind you, just as you managed to forget the flood that hit us here in Grand Forks 25 years ago.

I can see by your pictures online you had typical storm damage. No one injured, and the water stopped 8 inches from your main floor. You had been seeing that the storm was hovering south for days — a tropical storm with 50 mile per hour winds.


You saw its lazy meandering and thought of it as typical media hype. And your friends who evacuated now say they would never do that again. Interstates were jammed or closed. Gas stations closed. And the storm switched around as it hit other places.

It’s good your houses are built of concrete and you have hurricane proof windows and storm shelters.

I agree that you must be happy campers now — when you were able to take a bath and snuggle into your own beds.

Your friend, Marilyn

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