Marilyn Hagerty: Missing the seasonal milestones

Marilyn Hagerty

The first weekend in November arrives with a blessed relief from political campaigns. And it’s all over – except for the final disputed counting. Meanwhile the plague of coronavirus has moved with even more certainty into the Grand Forks area.

Still, life goes on. Deer gun season is opening. At home, there are apples to be cut up for pie. Never mind what might have been.

What might have been includes UND football games at the Alerus. The marching band. The tailgating. Volleyball and early hockey games.

Yes, and the Potato Bowl celebration and parade were missing.

Still, with great guidance, the high schools are carrying on. Years from now, the present students may be telling a younger generation of the plague in 2020.


What might have been this month is the annual fundraising event of the Northlands Rescue Mission. Instead of its annual dinner, it will hold on Thursday, Nov. 12, a livestream event online. Speaker for the evening will be Hunter Pinke. He’s the former UND football player. He speaks of the skiing accident he suffered and left him partially paralyzed. He talks of how it has changed his outlook on life.

Ask Marilyn

Q. Will there be any birds left when the annual Christmas Bird Count is held here on Dec. 20?

A. Yes, I believe some of them are hunkering down here.

Q. What clever looking license plate has been spotted around here recently?

A. I saw YELOHH.

Q. How many years have they been selling bulk candy at the J-Mart in nearby Pisek, N.D.?

A. This is the 74th year. They have it all bagged up in different sizes and prices. And they have all that traditional fare for the holidays including pickled herring and head cheese.

Q. What is Mallory Bernhard doing these days?


A. She’s looking over practices of the UND women’s basketball team and hoping to show them off this winter. The team got some new gear recently.

Q. Who is the most bothersome person you have encountered all week?

A. It’s the one who calls up on the telephone and says, “This is Amy with medical services.” I wish she would take a winter vacation.

Cindy and Alexander

Cheerful people of the week: Cindy Klug and Alexander Blue Weber.

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