Marilyn Hagerty: It’s Homecoming Week for UND and Grand Forks

Missouri State will be here for the homecoming football game Saturday at the Alerus.

Marilyn Hagerty
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Dear Sandy Mason,

How are things in Arizona? We’re not sending many people south yet!

One fly — Philip — has been crawling around the window telling Juanita the Wasp. “I am getting out of here. I’m not staying for homecoming weekend at UND even though I have sent plenty of my kids out there.”

The wasp said, “I figure if I get out of here before Friday I will be OK.”

It isn’t just wasps and flies, Sandy. Crickets don’t like to be around here either after September. You probably remember that after all the years you and Earl lived and worked in Grand Forks.


There are rewards, as you know, for sticking around after September. You can mow the lawn and let it rest until May. Lake homes are mostly all locked up until spring. And there’s a lot of hockey to be played later on. The first taste of it will be this weekend with Manitoba dropping down for a visit.

There’s hope. Fans around here are hoping the UND football Hawks are heading for better days. Missouri State will be here for the homecoming football game Saturday at the Alerus. Fans will be there — determined to help out. I can see them now tailgating first and then cheering for the Hawks. No telling how much popcorn this will take.

Among events of the week is the Athletic Hall of Fame weekend Friday evening at the Alerus Center And there will be a touch of hockey with Manitoba Saturday.

Turtle River

While flies go south and some people go to Europe, there are other who enjoy a trip or two out to Turtle River State Park. You may know that the park was built at Arvilla by CCC boys during the Great Depression.

Last week I had a chance to go out there and tour it on a bus from Wheatland Terrace, where I now live. Turtle River is a lively place for camping, hiking, running. Even swimming in summer time.

The place is alive year round. And these are the days to enjoy the gold, red colors of autumn. There is time year round to follow the trails of campers who choose Turtle River.

It’s easy to reach. You go down Highway 2 about 28 miles west of Grand Forks. You find it at the same place you turn off the Highway into Larimore.

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