Marilyn Hagerty: Hunkering down at home calls for imagination and creativity

Marilyn Hagerty

Dear Sandy and Earl Mason,

If Philip the Fly still is hovering around Tucson, could you take a swatter and point him north? I think it is warm enough now around Grand Forks. Most all of the winter travelers are back.

The only problem is they have to hunker down at home. But then, I suppose all of you who live in Arizona year round also need to hunker inside. I hear it is getting mighty hot down there.

I’m sure you remember how beautiful it is around Grand Forks in spring time. You lived here a long time. Right now, the lawns are green. The rhubarb is coming up. And the peonies are promising to put on their annual show of color in June.

These are days of coronavirus that call for some imagination and creativity. The Tuesday morning Lions Club that usually gathers at the Ramada has been meeting on Zoom. And today their speaker is Sue Shirek, director of the Northlands Rescue Mission.


And although they have not been gathering inside for services at Calvary Lutheran Church, the people found a way to get together Sunday. They sat in their cars – parked with enough space in between in the large parking lot. And they played bingo.

I guess where there is a will there is a way.

The stadium

Right now many people are upset by hearing of plans to tear down Memorial Stadium at UND.

Why? I guess there are plans. But there are so many memories. Memories of sitting there outdoors and watching football games. Memories of feeling like you were freezing during late season games. And memories of band concerts and Fourth of July celebrations.

Yeah, Sandy, the stadium seems a part of UND. For many years, the state high school track meets were held there. But as they say, time marches on.

And so must I. But send my best wishes from the sunny blue skies of North Dakota to all of you in the heat of Arizona.

Your friend, Marilyn

P.S. You probably won’t get back up here to visit this summer. But if you do, you might not recognize your old friends. Many are wearing masks when they do go out. I have one from Margo Bergene. I used to call her “the Hammer” when she came back here from Minneapolis to help out in her home town during the flood. The mask is 100% cotton so it can be washed and dried on hot to remove virus particles.

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