Marilyn Hagerty: Counting down the days until spring is finally here

Spring is less than two weeks away

Marilyn Hagerty

Twelve days.

That’s all that is left of winter 2022 on the calendar. You can tell that to all the dirty snow drifts lining the streets. You can tell that to the first birds of summer that have already been showing up. You can tell it by counting up all the gloves we have lost.

Daylight savings time is coming up Sunday. And spring makes its official debut on March 20.

It’s hard to believe that it has been 25 years since Mother Nature brought the Flood of 1997 this way. Mere mention of “The Flood” triggers memories. There were the orders for all to leave Grand Forks. Well, the whole area. There was the grim closing of all businesses. There were next to no restaurants open.

Almost forgotten are the pumps that cleared the water away. Where are they now? Where will they be if we need them ever again?


People who preserve the memories of things like this make for a more orderly world. They add richness to our existence. And at 6:30 p.m. tonight the Grand Forks Historic Preservation Committee is meeting in Room A-102 in City Hall. The meeting with Susan Caraher the coordinator is reachable over Zoom.

Meanwhile, 148 people who attended a Grand Forks gathering last week at the Apache Wells Country Club in Mesa, Arizona last week aren’t rushing to get back home. But they have eaten all the Widman Candy that was among the gifts sent down from “home.”

Word filters down also from the Florida travelers who seem happy in their warmer places. They golf. They gather. They send greetings.

The winter of 2021-22 is passing peacefully away with the UND hockey team rounding out a successful season and high hopes for moving on. The Ralph continues to be the center of excitement. And the area high schools are alive with tournament time. And then we will look forward to track and baseball, plays and musical events.

We look back and look ahead this time of year. The golf courses call.

Mother Nature has her way of putting in the last word. She and the calendar people should get together and decide when spring actually is sprung.

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