Marilyn Hagerty: As summer starts to end, September stretches ahead

And as September rolls along, there will be homecoming events at UND.

Marilyn Hagerty
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GRAND FORKS — Dear Dave McFarlane,

It seems as though this is the time to settle in. To get serious about school. Labor Day is done. September stretches ahead.

And as September rolls along, there will be homecoming events at UND. One calendar lists the dates as the Sept. 30 weekend.

The summer of 2022 will be remembered for considerable unmasking and the reluctant fading of coronavirus. The disease doesn’t seem inclined to pack up quickly and go away.

Hawks football

Northern Iowa will be here on the weekend. Well, just the football team. Here’s hoping Coach Bubba Schweigert and his UND football team will show them a decent and good time. They should be stingy with the good time. We thought the team made a good showing in Nebraska. I hope they stopped at Brookings for treats on the way back to Grand Forks.


The attendance down in Nebraska was reported as 86,590. Maybe a couple hundred of them were there cheering for the UND Hawks.

And I keep telling that to Filbert, the Fly. The pesky little creature takes a nose dive around my dinner plate whenever it can slip onto the table. Sometimes he dispenses his little fly friends to wherever I am sitting.

They don’t buzz. The flies of September just circle around. Actually, they flit. And to tell you the truth, they drive me crazy.

Flies in Florida?

Do you have flies in Florida? When do your winter people start coming back to Florida?

My friends in Arizona are looking out on the highways. But it will be a while before Northern folks want to leave this part of the world. They are not yet ready to come down and crowd up your grocery stores.

I mean, really, Dave. You lived here and were in business here long enough to know how beautiful it is around Grand Forks in the fall. The beet and potato trucks are beginning their annual run into the plants. They scatter a few samples along the highways.

Right now there is the goodness of the rich land. Still showing up at the Saturday morning markets downtown. There is the goodness of the gardens.

And I sent my best regards to you all in Florida. Your friend, Marilyn

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