Marilyn Hagerty: A couple of Danish recipes for the holiday season

There are other traditions that fall into place this time of year.

Marilyn Hagerty
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GRAND FORKS — As darkness gathers — around 4 o’clock — on Sunday afternoon, the annual Christmas musicale presented by the Thursday Music Club will take place.

The annual presentation of Christmas music traditionally ushers in the season of beautiful sounds and the most beautiful season of the year. The event will be held again this year in Calvary Lutheran Church auditorium at 1405 S. Ninth St.

Thursday Music Club traditionally gathers the finest musicians of the area.

There are other traditions that fall into place this time of year. Around Grand Forks, the holiday fare has a flavor from the many Norwegian settlers. The Sons of Norway lead the way with lutefisk and lefse on the menus.

There are some who come forward testing out menus of their fatherlands. A recipe from a Danish cookbook is for Frikadeller, or meatballs. It calls for 1½ pounds of ground round steak, ½ pound of ground pork, 2 beaten eggs, 1/8 teaspoon of pepper. Then ¼ tsp cloves and ¼ teaspoon allspice are optional. Next there’s 1½ teaspoon of salt along with 1 grated onion, about 1 cup of milk or cream and 4 tablespoons of flour.


The recipe in a little old Danish cookbook then says: Beat vigorously until mixture is smooth and well blended. Heat in a heavy skillet 3 tablespoons butter. Drop the meat mixture by rounded tablespoons into skillet. Brown. Steam in oven about one hour, until ready to serve. You may use your electric frypan, but be sure to use Crisco for frying.

The Danes also have their way of roasting a goose. The recipe says to stuff the goose with bread stuffing or prunes and apples. May also be stuffed with partial bread stuffing and prunes. Place bread side up on rack in roasting pan. Pour 2 cups boiling water over and cover. Roast 25-30 minutes per pound in moderate oven. Prick with fork about legs and wings so fat will run out. Remove liquid and fat from pan and roast uncovered the last 30 minutes or until goose is browned.

Paul and Jodi

Cheerful people of the week: Paul Sather, Jodi Dub.

The snow is deeply piled. And Mother Nature may be thinking of having it piled up more before she is done for this year. She has been known to leave the snow lingering around as late as May.

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