Hennen: American energy dominance is the top priority of the new Republican House

"Let's keep rooting for American energy dominance," columnist Scott Hennen remarks. "It’s obvious: high energy prices are the point of Biden’s policies."

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Columnist Scott Hennen

House Republicans have assigned their "Lower Energy Costs Act" as HR 1. It means this legislation is their highest priority.

That speaks volumes, since they have a long list. Everything from border security, taming out-of-control spending, fighting inflation, strengthening the supply chain, detaching America from our dependence on China, reducing crime, defending our national security, improving our schools, giving parents a voice (remember, they called us domestic terrorists), confronting big tech and more.

Did you know our life expectancy in the United States has decreased in the last two years, representing the biggest drop since 1943? Still, Democrats want a one-size-fits-all government approach from Washington that will only lead to rationed care and a downgrade in services. But despite that laundry list of action items, energy is No. 1. This bill is being fast-tracked, and here's what it will do according to Republicans in Congress:

  1. Increase domestic energy production
  2. Reform the permitting process for all industries
  3. Reverse anti-energy policies advanced by the Biden Administration
  4. Streamline energy exports
  5. Boost the production and processing of minerals

On average, Americans have lost over $2,250 paying increased energy costs since Biden took office. Electricity is up 12.9%, and natural gas is up 14.3% from last year. Gas costs over $1 more per gallon than when Biden took office.
Congressman Kelly Armstrong told us that "75 to 80% of all of the inflationary pressures in every North Dakota household are based on energy, whether it's natural gas for fertilizer, whether it's trucking and diesel, all of those different issues. It's the biggest single issue that we can help move forward to get costs and the inflationary pressures that everybody is feeling, under control. Even if it becomes law, it will take a long time to implement."

Armstrong adds: "But there is a second part of the impact from the legislation. ... It sends a signal to markets, sends a signal to North Dakota producers that the American government isn't out to get them. And that we actually believe in energy independence, and energy dominance, and that this is the lifeblood of our rural communities in western North Dakota."


Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden has "made clear he will veto" HR 1. Big surprise.

Americans For Tax Reform noted the opposition to American Energy started on Day 1 of the Biden administration by "banning new oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters. Despite the White House placing blame for lack of supply on oil producers, Biden has leased fewer acres offshore and on federal lands for drilling than any president since World War II."

At least the courts are standing up for North Dakota. Federal Judge Dan Traynor's ruling orders the Bureau of Land Management to resume sales of oil and gas leases on federal lands. Traynor found that the bureau "very likely violated their mandatory statutory duties to plan and timely complete mandatory analyses of individual parcels in North Dakota" for oil and gas lease sales on federal lands.

Let's keep rooting for American energy dominance. It’s obvious: high energy prices are the point of Biden’s policies.

Scott Hennen hosts the statewide radio program “What’s On Your Mind?” On AM 1100 “The Flag”, AM 1090 KTGO “The Flag” and AM 1460 KLTC. Email him at

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Opinion by Scott Hennen
Scott Hennen hosts the statewide radio program “What’s On Your Mind?” On AM 1100 “The Flag”, KFYR AM 550, AM 1090 KTGO “The Flag” and AM 1460 KLTC. Email him at

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