EatBeat: Pizza Ranch offers an extensive menu on a chilly November day

The fun room and all of the choices add up to make Pizza Ranch a popular spot.

Marilyn Hagerty
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GRAND FORKS — Outside on a cold November day, the are around Pizza Ranch seems quiet. Once inside at lunch time, we saw people helping themselves to pizza, chicken — everything. Then they settled in a nearby booths and tables. And many kept going back to the serving tables for more.

With D.G. (Daughter Gail) I joined in with the luncheon routine at Pizza Ranch. It seemed like a good place on a cold, grey November day. You pay as you enter Pizza Ranch.

We found a table and settled in. D.G. was chewing down some chicken. I was checking out some pizza slices we had chosen. We felt welcome to go back for more from the serving tables.

I was enjoying mashed potatoes, peas, green beans and a dill pickle as well as pizza. The menu lists specialty pizzas. There are breakfast pizzas. And the extensive menu includes a chicken dinner. There are desserts including cactus bread and fruit dessert pizza — as well as a chocolate chip cookie.

The restaurant has the Pizza Ranch Fun Zone Room which brings families with children in for a good time along with their pizza.


The fun room and all of the choices add up to make Pizza Ranch a popular spot.

Pizza Ranch

3750 32nd Ave. S

Telephone: 701-775-2222

Scott Heilman, general manager

Hours: 11 a.m. to 8:30

Report card: Well arranged facility for self service. Customers find comfortable browsing through tables of food. They find pleasant variety of adjacent seating.


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