Eatbeat: Museum Café on UND campus offers 'quiet spot for coffee breaks or lunch'

This small café in the heart of the University of North Dakota campus provides a quiet spot for coffee breaks or lunch. Menu is unique with salads, sandwiches, bowls. There are desserts as well as beverages.

Marilyn Hagerty
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GRAND FORKS — The black and blue sandwich caught our fancy when I joined Jan Olson and Ann Porter for lunch on the campus of UND. Then we made a thorough perusal of the unique menu.

This very small restaurant on the lower level of the North Dakota Museum of Art is a quiet place. It’s right for meeting friends, for visits. It’s a popular choice for a coffee break or for lunch. It is an ideal spot to meet up with summer visitors returning to Grand Forks for a visit.

There are memories all around. Some of them spring from the sight of the restaurant booths that were once well known when the former Sanders Restaurant was located in downtown Grand Forks.

Along with the lunch room, the Museum Café includes a conference room where groups up to 10 can make arrangements to meet and eat, according to Kristen Whitney, manager of the café.

Although we found a wide variety of sandwiches, we especially noticed the unique black and blue sandwich. It’s made with roast beef topped with a blue cheese crumble, horseradish aioli, tomato and caramelized red onion served hot off the panini press.


There are five unique sandwiches on the menu, and they are served with chips or seasonal fruit. Then there is a choice of soup or salad that can be added.

There are seasonal desserts prepared in house and available when their time arrives. The Museum Café serves a changing menu of specials and soups.

Museum Café

University of North Dakota

Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays

Manager: Kristen Whitney

Seating: 20 to 25 plus 10 in conference room


Report card: This small café in the heart of UND campus provides a quiet spot for coffee breaks or lunch. Menu is unique with salads, sandwiches, bowls. There are desserts as well as beverages.

Opinion by Marilyn Hagerty
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