What happened to the lost art of silence? Does any episode of human tragedy require elected officials and baseball teams to issue statements? Is this how we demonstrate we care? Does this seem silly to anyone else?

Sadly we are in a politically charged moment in our history when almost everyone, everywhere has to opine about something that they had no role in. And if you don't, you are speaking in your silence.

Everybody is a victim of something these days. And they demand you feel their pain or they threaten protests and worse. So rather than have uncomfortable conversations about facts and circumstances that lead to human tragedies like the death of George Floyd, many of us walk on eggshells and succumb to bullying from professional protestors.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz gets the pander king prize. He called for 9 minutes and 34 seconds of silence on the one-year “anniversary” of Floyd’s death so we can prove we are not racist. All while ignoring the growing homicide problem facing Minnesota.

The Minnesota Twins doubled down on their centerfield activism, pleading for “Justice for George Floyd” on a giant banner, with a statement “The Minnesota Twins believe in promoting positivity, unity, and uplifting our community 365 days of the year. We condemn violence and racism of all kinds. We also believe we all have a role in working towards racial, gender and social justice.”

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When did it become a baseball team’s mission to bring about “racial, gender and social justice” you ask? When the MLB players union started holding teams hostage? What does that even mean?

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney and Police Chief David Zibloski felt the responsibility to contribute to this day in history, too. “In the Fargo community, there is absolutely no acceptance of discrimination of any kind. All — everyone — are welcome here.” Isn’t that obvious in North Dakota’s most diverse city?

Facts are stubborn. According to a jury of his peers, Floyd was a victim of unnecessary and brutal police force by a bad apple. Despite making many horrible decisions that led to his death, he certainly did not deserve to die. But Floyd was not a hero. He should not be celebrated as an iconic figure held up by President Joe Biden, Walz and other woke politicians.

This incident isn't a reason for police reform. Approximately 99.9% of interactions between police and the public end as they should. This should be a cause for police support. The agitators know that. They are using the media and politicians to fuel this insanity.

"Black Lives Matter" is a political entity with a mission to end life in America as we know it. They want police departments defunded and unarmed. How would that help save lives in America's big cities? What about the casualties of that incompetence? Who holds a moment of silence for them?

The beautiful thing about America is that all lives matter. Always have. Always will. While we are not without flaws from our past and present, this remains the greatest country on earth and one in which 99.9% of people are good neighbors every single day.

And nearly every bad chapter in our history has been exposed and reformed and begun anew. With the exception of the largest killer of Blacks in America since 1973, the plague of abortion. Do those black lives matter?

Awake from your slumber. It’s time to engage some critical thinking skills and stop following race baiters who benefit from the tragedy of Floyd. It's time for "the mask" to come off Walz and his ilk. We see through your shameless, dangerous politics.

Scott Hennen hosts the statewide radio program “What’s On Your Mind?” On AM 1100 “The Flag”, KFYR AM 550, AM 1090 KTGO “The Flag” and AM 1460 KLTC. Email him at ScottH@FlagFamily.com