Dear Dave McFarlane,

The birds — officially in North Dakota — had their day Monday. And the moon was full. This is the week for April to quietly bow out. Then we head into May with spring clean-up scheduled the first full week.

You and Kathy probably remember these days even though you have settled in year round in Florida.

It’s been kind of cool, but the Norwegians among us are looking ahead for better days. G. Paul and Barb Larson are back from Florida. They have settled in with their Norwegian flag out front over on Chestnut Street.

They are looking ahead to helping out on May 17 when the Norskes among us hold their annual Syttende Mai celebration. This year there will be lunch boxes going out of the Sons of Norway club house at 1401 9th Ave. S. None of this rubbing shoulders during the days of coronavirus.

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I am not sure what Confucius would say, but the Sons of Norway are saying, “He who orders ahead can pick up a lunch box for $15.”

Long underwear

As you can imagine, Bemidji is calling. The lakes, the lake homes, the fishing boats and golf courses are waiting. The time has come to take off the long underwear. The only thing is – we are still watching football here in Grand Forks. The UND team is playing like there is no tomorrow. I think that’s what Bubba Schweigert requires!

At least that’s how is seemed Saturday when the Hawks beat Missouri State 44-10.

Still it seems so strange – yet good – to have the Hawks playing football when the rhubarb is coming up.

Sandy Mason tells me that down in Arizona the palo verde trees have put on their prom dresses of yellow flowers.

Well, you take care of Florida and tune up your truck and house on wheels for a trip up north this summer. We’ll take care of all the rubbish in Grand Forks and hope to see you here for another cookie party.

Your friend, Marilyn