The weekend arrives along with snowbirds from Arizona and the football team from Missouri State.

Some of the snowbirds may go on up to Minto or Grafton. The football players from the south will gather at the Alerus for the game at 3 p.m. Saturday with the North Dakota Hawks.

There will be no marching band. Coronavirus has put the wrench on that. There is no wrench of Coach “Bubba” Schweigert who is a finalist in the Coach of the Year in the conference.

Life goes on. Coronavirus or not. You wonder, “Oh Lord, how long?”

These days, they are settling in for finish line coming up at UND. This is the last day of regular classes at the UND School of Law. Finals come next.

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Life with masks goes on.

Kaelan Reedy is stepping in as the new student president at UND. Dawson Dutchak is vice president.

Around Grand Forks, the leaves that weren’t raked last fall are making their presence known again. The robins are back. So are the chickadees, nuthatches and cardinals. They show no sign of coronavirus.

It’s for the birds – but they may not know it. North Dakota’s Century Code section 1-03-08 declares Bird Day.

“To promote and encourage the conservation and enjoyment of one of nature’s most attractive features, and to honor the work of naturalist John James Audabon who make America’s birds known to the world through his drawing and vivid prose, April 26 of each year is hereby designated as Bird Day in the state of North Dakota.”

Dogs and cats

Nobody knows how many birds there are in Grand Forks And there is no telling how many dogs, either. But at last count, 805 dog have been licensed this year along with 292 cats.

City clerk Sherie Lundmark reports there were 1,147 dogs licensed in 2020 and 1,227 in 2019. There were 442 cats licensed in 2020 and 447 in 2019.

The clerk reports replacement tags and impound payments are included in the count.

Ask Marilyn

Q. What are the most interesting license plates spotted around here lately?

A. Seen lately on the streets of Grand Forks were: PEACMKE, GOT GAS 2, 1 GRTRYD, IRISHPA, AYO AYO and BE NICE

Les and Nan

Cheerful people of the week: Les Klevay and Nan Larson.