Dear Dave McFarlane,

I hope all is well down in Florida. Spring is shaping up around here. And I am thinking unless you live through a winter in North Dakota, you can’t really appreciate the joy of springtime.

Oh yes. You need to rake the leaves. Clean up the yard. But there’s a feeling of liberation as you look ahead to May and June.

The city crews are out doctoring the trees that need help after the long winter. And gone from 18th Avenue South is the old cottonwood tree that had three trunks all melded into one. It seemed to reach for the sky. And it was believed to be the oldest tree in Grand Forks. I thought it was the biggest. It was there long before the home was owned by Kyle and Kelli Moulds. Other families nourished that tree.

The tree was one of many planted in that part of Grand Forks – maybe 100 years ago. Cottonwoods were the choice of early residents in that area. But the tree became a worry to the family inside the house because it attracted children who might get hurt. They liked to come and crawl around in it. And sometimes when the wind blew hard it was frightening to be inside the house.

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To me, it was the most beautiful tree in Grand Forks. And now it is gone. But time marches on.

Summer calling

I know you and Kathy have grandchildren in Grand Forks. And the Grand Forks Park District has just come out with a calendar full of summer events. There’s the traditional Arbor day celebration in May and a Hooked on Fishing Day on June 17. And there are movies in the park.

These have been unsettling times with coronavirus and the limitations. But summer fun sounds promising. There will be adult tennis, racquetball for youth and adults. There’s volleyball and adult soccer leagues.

Have you ever heard of cornhole? Well, there is even a program for this sport. And teams are organizing now for a start on June 7.

And it’s nice to know about the Mullally Little Links golf course at Lincoln Park. It’s a free 9-hole short course for golfers from 4 to 10 years of age. There will be leagues for youth, men and women. Yes, there is excitement for the days ahead. The Border Blades Figure Skating Club has summer programs. There’s a Red River BMX Racing Club and a softball organization Grand Forks Girls Fastpitch.

And there are soccer clubs, volleyball programs and trap shooting leagues.

I hope when you come for your summer visit we can hold another cookie party in Lincoln Park. We sure had a lot of people who showed up with cookies and had a good time last summer!

Best regards, Marilyn

Reach Marilyn Hagerty at or by telephone at 701-772-1055.