Dear Dave McFarlane,

You probably are busy saying goodbye to snowbirds heading north from Florida. Now that you and Kathy are permanent residents down there, you can just wave.

It’s a long drive and full of wonder for at least some of them coming home. Ann Porter was thinking about the trucks heading north, south, east and west. She wondered where they were going, what they were hauling, who was driving. And she wondered where they learn to drive those monsters.

Truck stops are filled with trailers. Trucks need fuel. So do drivers.

She found the thoughts come and go as you watch trucks and the highway.

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It’s amazing, too, the logistics and technology involved in dispatching all those loads and drivers. As the miles rolled by, Ann said she would think how we need those trucks and those drivers.

It’s mind boggling to think how many are needed. You think how complex it is to get product to stores.

Then thoughts on the road lead to thanking God for each and every one who make it possible for us to enjoy the bounty.

And you realize how they help create happy holidays and provide wonder for those on the road.

Cookies in the Park

I am sure you and Kathy have an interest in trucks when in the summer months you travel north – to places like Grand Forks! I hope you have that on your summer maps now. Maybe we could have another cookie party near my lift station or over in Lincoln Park.

Now that Easter is behind us, we move into more of April – the month for showers that are supposed to bring May flowers. The park board is meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 6, at Choice Health and Fitness. These meetings are open to the public.

This might not be the end of cold weather. History tells us there have been blizzards and storms in April. Even early May. But it seems like spring is here. The golf courses are already calling. The parks are opening up. And long ago the Public Arts Commission announced applications were open. Art in the Park on the Red will be returning to University Park on June 12-13. There is a promise of two full days of art, food and kids’ activities along with art projects and live entertainment.

So what’s ahead. Well, we have rhubarb and peonies waiting to make their arrival.

The battle with coronavirus is far from over. But it seems we are making progress with vaccinations and masks. You have been posting some beautiful photography from Florida. And it won’t be long until the farmers will be out in the fields around here.

Best regards from your friend Marilyn in Grand Forks.

P.S. I have been living with a glow ever since President Armacost announced UND is bestowing an honorary doctoral degree on me. I could never forget the disappointment I felt when I was in sixth grade at McKinley School in Pierre, S.D. Each year, they would present a best citizenship award to a sixth grader. I hoped and prayed it would be me. But when the big day rolled round, the award went to Gloria Johnson.