Dear Dave McFarlane,

We are marching resolutely into March. To me that has always meant spring is here.

I know, I know. We have had some of our worst blizzards in March. But spring will come soon enough, just a few days after St. Patrick’s Day on March 20. And there already are plans for a downtown parade on Saturday, March 20. The Masons are arranging to run it up Third Street. And they are reaching out now for groups to join in. Applications are available from Mark Argenziano at 917-439-9587.

So far, there are no predictions for flooding on the Red this spring.

But you and Kathy now live permanently in Florida. Your days of running the McFarlane business here in Grand Forks are long over. Now you golf, do photography and enjoy your friends. I have been wondering when you will take off for summer adventures in your beautiful home o wheels. Your grandchildren in Grand Forks will be waiting!

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They are having a steady string of events at Turtle River State Park all year round. That place out by Larimore is really popular. And I know you enjoyed your stay in the park in East Grand Forks last year.

The state legislature is chugging away down in Bismarck. Probably there will be some more news coming our way because Thursday is Grand Forks Day. Here in Grand Forks we feel sure spring is on the way – the city has been taking bids for spraying mosquitoes. The information in the fine print section said bids are being accepted until 2 p.m. Thursday. Todd Hansen is the mosquito control supervisor.

And I see the park district mans business too. Their meeting at 5 p.m. today includes election of officers. These meetings at Choice Health and Fitness are open to the public

Sports excitement

Chase Spicer is the athlete of the hour around here. He whacked in the winning goal in overtime Saturday night for Central High School’s hockey team. It was so exciting to watch the crowd at the Ralph on television. I almost fell off the couch at home!

And that was after the UND football team came up with a win over highly rated South Dakota State. It was the second big win for the Hawks.

Maybe spring football appeals to our UND team. Whatever. There was a story in the Herald quoting Coach Bubba Schweigert as saying, “The season is far from over.”

As you know, this is tournament time. I love it. I used to drive my kids down to Bismarck for the basketball tournaments. And hoops tournament are coming up. The air gets – well, invigorating.

That’s how I send my greetings to all of our friends enjoying the sun and sand in Florida


P.S. In case anyone asks you, just tell them things got a little mixed up in the scheduling this year. Now the Daddy-Daughter dance sponsored by the park district is set back to April 23 and 24. But the Lucky Strike bowling events for Mothers and Sons will go on as planned on March 20 and 21. Maybe someone on the golf course will want to know that.