You take 5 pounds of russet potatoes, cooked. Rice them while hot.

Add ½ cup of heavy cream, ½ cup (one stick) of butter, 1 tablespoon of salt and 4 tablespoons sugar.

Then you are on your way to making lefse. And no matter what else is going on, people around Grand Forks are making lefse. Not even the cloud of coronavirus has stopped them.

This recipe for lefse comes from Cindy Dahl, president of the local Sons of Norway. This year the club house at 1401 Ninth Ave. S., sits empty. And although coronavirus has closed it down, it hasn’t stopped the Norwegians from enjoying lefse at home.

They can get along without lutefisk, but they need their lefse especially during the holidays.

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The ingredients listed above makes 8 cups of riced potatoes. After mixing the ingredients together, divide the mixture into two plastic storage bags and refrigerate. Prior to rolling, remove one bag from the refrigerator and rice again adding 1 cup of flour.

Cindy Dahl uses a scale to measure for portions of dough. Instead of 1/3 cup, she weighs 2.6 ounces for each round.

And she uses a timer to grill each side of the lefse for 47 seconds.

Some who fancy lutefisk during the holidays turn to the Hugo’s markets and others who bake it around the area.

Christmas in park

Along with lefse, the joys of the holidays in Grand Forks include an evening trip through Christmas in the Park. The four Lions Clubs have been busily lining up a show of lights and joys of the season in Lincoln Park.

Wayne Zink is chairman of the committee. After an opening Friday the lights will be on from 5:30 to 10 p.m. every evening to the New Year 2021.

The cost for a drive-through is $6 a car, $10 for a limousine and $20 for a bus.

This is the 19th year the Lions Clubs have sponsored Christmas in the Park.

Time of wonder

At times like this in spite of the coronavirus plague, people are full of wonder. They wonder how you decide who gets the drumstick. They wonder when the Red River will ice over. And they wonder how they should get some exercise before or after the Thanksgiving feast.

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