FARGO — The election is over and the results are clear. Joe Biden has been elected as our next president. We should be moving forward with a smooth transition. Donald Trump should concede. Instead, he has shamefully declared victory and falsely claimed there was massive voter fraud. Trump has more grievances than Frank Costanza during Festivus. Of course Trump has failed to provide any evidence to support his complaints.

Believe it or not, I have received several emails from Trump, asking for support. One of them said, “I need you right now, James. The blatant voter fraud throughout corrupt Democrat-run cities is unprecedented.” Somehow, I did not respond.

Equally shameful is that our spineless local Republican leaders in Washington have not publicly called out Trump for his lies, and acknowledged that Biden was elected. Instead, North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer, North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong, and Minnesota Congresswoman-elect Michelle Fischbach have thrown more fuel on the fire. The three of them have been throwing out dangerous fibs and fairy tales that undermine the legitimacy of our elections and democracy.

Cramer claimed that Republican poll workers were excluded from observing ballot-counting in Philadelphia. That’s not true.

Armstrong said, “There are some irregularities across the country that must be investigated.” What irregularities?

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Fischbach told "Fox & Friends" that Trump “did win” and Democrats “didn’t win the votes of the American people, they’re just finding votes at this point.” What votes would those be?

If Cramer, Armstrong and Fischbach have any proof to back up their claims, let’s hear it. Show us the evidence. The reality is, they don’t have any evidence. They’re just sucking up to Trump and their supporters.

It took longer to count the votes this year because of so many mail-in ballots due to the pandemic. Of course we wouldn’t have this controversy if we properly conducted our presidential elections. In other words, where the person with the most votes automatically wins. It’s absurd that Biden was ahead by 4 million votes, but it took five days to project him as the winner. The presidential election is the only election where a person with fewer votes can be elected. Actually, a candidate could be elected president with as little as 25% of the popular vote.

The Electoral College is not democratic. It was actually put in place as a concession to the southern states, who wanted to count their slaves, but not allow them to vote. With a direct popular vote election, every American voter would be equal. Now, we really don’t have a true national election. We have 51 winner-take-all mini-elections that we add up. When we elect our governors, we don’t have 53 winner-take-all elections in North Dakota (one per county), or 87 winner-take-all elections in Minnesota.

Mix the Electoral College with dishonest politicians, and you have trouble. Instead of supporting the cult of Trump, it’s time that Cramer, Armstrong and Fischbach support our democracy and system of free elections. Not liking the outcome is no excuse for their dishonesty.

Shaw is a former WDAY TV reporter and former KVRR TV news director. Email jimshawtv@gmail.com