Dear Dave McFarlane,

This is the beginning of Halloween week. The calendar on my desk says it's coming around on Saturday. And I wish you could see all the ghosts and goblins hanging out around Grand Forks. There’s a block of houses all amazingly decked out over on 18th Avenue South. It’s near the Boy Scout office at the corner of Cherry Street and 17th Avenue South. One way or other, we will celebrate Halloween. And I see the YMCA is holding an outdoor event.

The decorations at the home of Jack and Debbie Decker at 608 18th Ave. S. are fantastic.

There are skeletons, scary people, ghosts and little animals. It’s not meant to be too scary. Just fun.

Meanwhile you are back to your revised lifestyle down there around Fort Myers in Florida. You say storing away a van is sort of like shutting down a lake cabin. And seeing the country up close and in person has made you and Kathy appreciate even more the beautiful land in which we live.

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It’s good to know Grand Forks will be on your route when you travel west next year.

Heading south

As you know from being in business and having family here, Grand Forks is a great destination. Right now, some people are heading south. Others are wondering about it.

At least the harvest is wrapping up. Trucks hauling sugar beets are done for the season. Personally I would like to go to a UND volleyball game. I would like to know if we can even watch basketball this season. All that is on hold. And we aren’t even thinking of gathering for bridge or other clubs in our homes.

It’s good to know the basketball teams are looking ahead. Mallory Bernhard of UND women’s hoops says the team got some new gear. They are working hard on the court these days – just hoping they will be able to show it off to their fans.

Bare naked

The trees around here are bare naked. Most of them have shed their golden leaves. Monday morning the city trucks came cruising down Cottonwood. It’s what I suspect is their last round of picking up leaves.

Yes, life goes on. People around here are finding ways to help others. Northlands Rescue Mission and Backpack Program will benefit from a Thanksgiving Bundt Cake Sale. It’s now underway.

It’s hard for individuals to know how to help the needy or homeless. I guess helping the Mission help them is the way to go.

No matter how tough it seems, there is always someone who needs help more than others. We sort of forget that. There are so many who are hurting financially now.

We need to remember that as we hang on and keep our grip on the problems today.

So I send best regards from the land where the soil is rich and the Red River flows north.

Your friend, Marilyn

Reach Marilyn Hagerty at or by telephone at 701-772-1055.