The weekend arrives with July giving way to August on Saturday and talk about going back to school.

These are still the precious days of summer – marred this year by the presence of coronavirus. Still, the lakes are calling. Swimming pools are alive. People are out walking. And running, golfing, fishing.

This year, masks are worn. Maybe more of a courtesy to others than self protection.

A drive west from Grand Forks on U.S. Highway 2 gives a panorama of summer at its best. In Larimore, the swimming pool was alive with children. People were tending gardens and flowers.

Some gardens are sedate. Others are delightfully alive. It would be hard in Larimore to pass up the home where Bill Kirchen lives with his mother, Darlene. He keeps a vegetable and flower garden that is peppered with little statues -- an iguana, a tiger, a mountain lion. Many, many, many more. All around the house.

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He says, “Winters are too long.”

There is the beauty of the Larimore dam site and the golf course which is an area favorite.

Nearby, Turtle River State Park is busy with people of all ages -- camping, hiking, enjoying the day. Some were holding picnics at tables in the park.

Brosseau’s radio show

The next broadcast of Tom Brosseau’s national radio show on Prairie Public is at 5 p.m. Central time Sunday. This episode features Mary Beth Orn and her daughter who is Medora Burning Hills veteran singer Bethany Andrist.

Also scheduled on the show is bluegrass legend and yodeler Peter Rowan. And Brosseau says there will be another edition of ‘’Notes from the Badlands’’ by Joe Wiegand.

A native of Grand Forks, Brosseau has traveled world wide as a singer. This is the fourth episode of his radio show.

Orlynn and Christine

Cheerful people of the week: Orlynn Rosaasen and Christine Yunker.

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