They will tell their grandchildren about the summer of 2020. Today’s children never will forget the year of the masks. The year when schools were closed early.

Meanwhile, they are walking their dogs. Going on summer trips. And they are finding the swimming pools.

Best of all – they are reading. Yvonne Hanley, a Grand Forks educator, says the love of reading is best instilled at an early age. A gift that will stay with them forever.

She says to teach children a love of reading, they need to see their parents and others reading.

“Give books as gifts,” she suggests, “to both your children and their friends. Do family read aloud sessions. Have family silent reading times where everyone reads for 30 minutes.’’

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Oh yes, and it’s good to seek out books on subjects in which children are interested – a variety of fiction and nonfiction. Comic books, magazines, baseball cards, newspapers, graphic novels, websites all count as reading.

It is well documented that boys are less inclined to read than girls. And Hanley notes that boys are more selective in what they will read.

And research shows if boys are able to progress with their reading skills through subjects they enjoy, they will want to read and learn more.

Hooks in the Red

The fourth weekend of July arrives with catfish very nervous in the Red River around here. Still, they know if they get caught during the Red River “Cattitude” Friday, July 24 and Saturday, July 25 they will be released.

At midweek, there were 28 teams signed up. It’s open to 100 teams, according to Ruth Ann Schleif. She has teamed up with Brad Durick to organize the event.

Ask Marilyn

Q. What does Molly the Mosquito think of the spray the city sent out?

A. She does not like it.

Q. What are those sounds around here on Friday nights?

A. That vroom-vroom-vroom comes from the fair grounds where there are race cars zooming around. They will be out there tonight.

Q. What kind of license plates have been spotted around here lately?

A. TJ’S TOY went sailing by. Then there was HAIVYN AND FITSTIX. And, whoops … SHERIFF!

Amber and Eric

Cheerful people of the week: Amber Flynn and Dr. Eric Lunn.

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