Dear Dave McFarlane,

By now you probably are on the road again, following the Mississippi River on the way to New Orleans. Then you will turn east and head back to Florida.

I was hoping to meet up with you and Kathy for coffee and a cookie while you were here in Grand Forks. But then, I know you have two sons and their families here. And you had a new grandbaby to cuddle.

You didn’t plan to travel around the country when you retired and moved to Florida. Your plan was to travel internationally. But this summer, you and many others are traveling in your own houses on wheels. It sounds as though the your Naples and Fort Myers area of Florida has been hard hit by coronavirus.

I am glad you got away and saw the Black Hills of South Dakota. Are you making any progress in the evenings practicing your guitar?

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I hope you don’t drive Kathy crazy!

Garage sales

Here in Grand Forks there are garage sales galore. And the Saturday morning farmers market is on again downtown. I see by the Herald ads there are lots of big weekend garage sales coming up.

It seems as though people go in with neighbors for multi-family events. There’s one coming up this weekend at 3542 Cherry Street. Another at 1327 S. 17th Street.

Face masks

Life goes on. This is great. We make the most of it. But I think we should wear face masks when we go out among people. Some kind of sneer at that. I think if nothing else it shows respect for others and for those who work in the stores.

It takes all kinds of people to make a world. That’s what I often have heard. Sometimes when I am out and about I drive off Cherry Street at 18th Avenue. Then I go east down the block. It doesn’t take long to find the home of Jack and Debbie Dekker at 608 18th Ave. S.

It’s always a delight. Right now there are flags and signs that say “God Bless America.” They are all set for the Fourth of July.

I guess it won’t be long until we hear the firecrackers. They are selling them out east on Highway 2. Because of coronavirus limitations, the Sertoma Club has canceled its downtown kiddie parade on the Fourth.

Here’s hoping the roads are wide and you are finding good fellowship on your travels.

Your friend, Marilyn, watching people leave for Bemidji or to go fishing at Devils Lake.

Reach Marilyn Hagerty at or by telephone at 701-772-1055.