Dear Dave McFarlane,

Though I have been around the block many times as they say about elderly people, it’s hard to remember anything like this. Even though the skies are blue and the snow is beginning to melt, there is trouble here and all over. Coronavirus is not a bad dream. It is here. And it is real.

It seems as though our lives are on hold.

Still, around Greater Grand Forks we are coping. The Chamber of Commerce is holding business listening sessions online on how to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

And life does goes on.

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Closed down

The city seems frighteningly quiet with the University of North Dakota and the schools closed down. Fitness centers are closed.

But there are cookies!

Chad and Jeni Kurtyka with their three children and dog walked up and down the block Sunday afternoon. With them, cookies for neighbors.

There always are bright sides in days of darkness.

Sense of wonder

It is interesting to hear your neighbors down there in Florida. Wow! You say it might be easy to be complacent when sky is blue and sunny and it’s 85 degrees outside. Still you have a sense of foreboding. You wonder what is coming.

Your beaches are closed with the sheriff patrolling them. Your tourist attractions have closed along with restaurants and bars.

And the virus has come even to your golf course. Each cart has its own rake which is sanitized after use. You leave flags in each hole when you are on the green. And you bring your own cold water cups.

I can see why you have decided to stop golfing in the men’s group and go out on your own. Yep, a good excuse to work on your own game.

It was interesting to know that you went to a church with drive by communion.

Yep, Dave, these are uncharted times. You are wise to stay positive as you did when you were in business in Grand Forks. That helps others. You can now work on your photography even though your camera club is closed down.

It’s not surprising to hear all your Canadian friends have gone home. Their medical insurance doesn’t cover long stays in the USA. And then, with everything closed there is no point for them to stay in Florida.

Yes, these are trying times. But we have weathered drought, blizzards and wars. With trust and help of one another, we will get through this thing called coronavirus.

Your friend, Marilyn