Dear Marge Radi,

Thanks for your postcard and the news from Arizona where you are wintering. You probably know by now that we are crawling out from under a blizzard. You wouldn’t believe how high the snow is stacked around here. When I look out the window, I can’t believe it either. I thought we had an amazing amount last year.

They say we have some better days ahead. The Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual dinner Thursday evening at the Alerus. Speakers are the Lamoureux twins. I am not sure whether they will drive or ice skate over to the Alerus.

No matter how cold it gets this time of year, there is always plenty of reasons to give thanks. I think of the U.S. mail carriers who have been shuffling and struggling their way up and down the sidewalks. Then there’s all those people who clear our streets and the walkways.

Andrew Carnegie

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When I dropped in at the city library recently, I was dumbfounded. You know that efforts for votes to rebuild have failed – so they are re-arranging to provide the best service possible.

When I got home, I pulled out a news story from the Herald of Aug. 13, 1901. It told of a letter from Andrew Carnegie, who was a multi-millionaire philanthropist.

He offered a donation of $20,000 if the city would bind itself to support a library at a cost of not less than $2,000 a year and provide a suitable site.

I guess the rest is history. And we should salute the library board and director who now are doing their best. They provide a welcoming and helpful presence for all who come to the library.

The library board president is Justin Berry, and the director is Wendy Wentz.

No matter what goes on, January still is the greatest month for reading. There is a limit to how much football a person can watch!

Game of year 1920

The UND teams of 1920 fared better in basketball against NDAC of Fargo than they did this week. The Herald reported 100 years ago that “Fargo was the game of the year – coming here with utmost confidence. Fargo took the train back home with 14 points to her credit against 25 for Grand Forks.”

. . . Well, we will try to keep things cooking here in Grand Forks and send greetings to all of our snowbirds in warmer climates.

Your friend, Marilyn

P.S. These cold, quiet days of January aren’t all bad.