Dear Dave McFarlane,

Maybe you and Kathy are right about that. Maybe it makes sense to settle down in Florida when you retire.

That’s what I think these days when January holds us in its icy grip.

It doesn’t matter if you remember that old saying that North Dakota is cleaner and greener, whiter and brighter. It is still downright cold around here in January. And it is so icy you can slip and fall in a twinkling of the eye.

But life goes on. It’s a good thing we have Choice Health and Fitness and other fitness centers. Today the service clubs are having their annual massed meeting at the Alerus. I am sitting with the Sertoma Club.

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You know, Dave, Grand Forks would be a smaller and sadder town without the service clubs. Did you belong to a club when you were in business here?

Spring semester

No matter how cold it is, there is action around Grand Forks. This week, UND is starting what it cheerfully calls “the spring semester.”

The UND hockey team is flying high. Last time I saw him, Coach Brad Berry had a smile on his face. Hockey at the Ralph and basketball games at the Betty keep heating things up around here.

And there was a story in the Herald saying your friend, Mike Brown, will be seeking another term as mayor of Grand Forks. When I was over at the library Sunday, I found a list of mayors. It begins with Col. W.H. Brown as the first mayor in 1881-1882. When we moved to Grand Forks in 1957, Oscar Lunseth was mayor. Then there was Nelson Youngs, Hugo Magnuson, C.P. O’Neill, H.C. “Bud” Wessman and Michael Polovitz.

And Patricia Owens, our first woman mayor, was succeeded by our present Mayor Brown. I have never seen that man without a smile on his face. He must be grouchy some time.

Snowball week

They are holding Snowball Week over at Central High School this week. And there’s a Snowball dance coming up Saturday.

The Grand Forks Horticultural Society is meeting Saturday at Parkwood Senior Living. Maybe that is a sign of spring.

Blizzard Bash

Or maybe the Blizzard Bash scheduled for next Monday is the sign of spring! School will be off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And there will be free admission for from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the ICON Sports Center at 1060 47th Ave. S.

I know you and Kathy are busy with golf, hiking, bridge. And you are working on your photography. So enjoy yourselves and think of your friends wearing scarves and treading gingerly over the ice here in Grand Forks.

Your friend, Marilyn.

P.S. Do you remember Steve Brekke? He is a great, friendly guy who came years ago from Warren, Minn., to play basketball for the UND Sioux. Now long with the Alumni Association, he is moving on to private business. And there is a reception in his honor at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the UND Gorecki Alumni Center.