Dear Dave McFarlane,

Fast away the old year passes. Not everything was keen in 2019.

At midnight, we welcome the year 2020 with hopes Mother Nature will knock off the blizzards and bring summer rain when it is needed.

At times, I envy all of you people reveling in the Florida sunshine. You say the realtors down there have a standard joke: They will come and shovel your driveway every time it snows!

Well, snow shoveling is no joke around here this week. The blizzard named Brenda left us covered in thick blankets of snow.

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Snow removal

The name of the game this week is snow removal. I heard on KNOX radio that athletes from the public schools would not practice on Monday. So there was the suggestion they go out and remove the snow from around fire hydrants in their neighborhoods.

What a great way to cope.

And actually, Dave, January is not all bad. It is a time to read and reflect. A time to take on a project. It’s down time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those pests who keep calling on the telephone would take some time off this winter. They could clean their cupboards. Or their dresser drawers. They don’t need to call and tell me about affordable health insurance. Or anything else!

Long underwear


You and Nancy probably are still in Minneapolis this week with your family gathering. I hope you have enough warm clothing to handle Minnesota in January. Maybe you need long underwear.

Here in Grand Forks, the wheels will be churning in spite of snow, ice and slippery walkways. We just have to remember to pay attention and walk gingerly.

There are UND hockey games with Alabama Huntsville scheduled Friday and Saturday at the Ralph. And the Harlem Globetrotters will be at the Alerus on Saturday.

So, life goes on. On Sunday, the UND basketball teams will be back in action again at the Betty.

Well, I guess we can look ahead. Make the most of January. And wish everybody a Happy New Year 2020.

Your friend, Marilyn, wondering whether Santa made it back okay to the North Pole.

P.S. I hope you are saving a little money on the golf course down there at Naples. Now that you bit the bullet and moved up to the green gold tees, you get a head start of 20 to 40 yards.

I once had a pro at the Grand Forks Country Club who told me to keep my head down, my left arm stiff and my eye on the ball. After a couple of lessons, he just gave up.