Dear Marge Radi,

Here’s hoping you had a pleasant trip down to Arizona. You and Ivan dodged the first snow of the season here in Grand Forks.

It wasn’t really enough to shovel, but it was snow. And there are mixed reactions. For some, it’s excitement. Others sort of shiver and shake their heads.

Well, you know how that goes! I think you lived in Thief River Falls years ago before you came to Grand Forks.

We have a busy week brewing around here. For one thing, there’s an open house Wednesday morning at the Herald. I plan to be there to hear what our publisher has to say.

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There have been so many changes since our family came here from Minneapolis in 1957. We were an afternoon paper. M.M. Oppegard was publisher then. Now the publisher is Korrie Wenzel.

Hawking the Herald

Every once in a while I talk to men whose first job was selling the Grand Forks Herald on the street corners downtown. One of them is Al Larson who was selling the Herald on the corner of North Fourth Street and DeMers Avenue back in 1948. He was in sixth grade at Wilder Elementary School. Now after teaching school 31 years in nearby Argyle, Minn., he and his wife are retired and living there.

He said, “We would go to the Herald and buy 25 papers for 3 cents each and then sell them for 5 cents.”

And he remembers there were a lot of people who would pay 10 cents.

“On Saturdays,” he said, “we would buy 50 papers. When they were all sold, we could go home.’’

Ethiopia Reads

One of highlights this weekend in Grand Forks will be the Ethiopia Reads Holiday Style and Garden Show Sunday afternoon at All Seasons Garden Center.

Ethiopia Reads program has been running strong in Grand Forks ever since 2003. That’s when former resident Jane Kurtz, a writer and member of First Presbyterian Church, took up the torch. And though she now lives in Portland, Ore., Ethiopia Reads is alive and well in Grand Forks. It continues here with leadership of Ann Porter, a retired school principal, and Bonnie Cameron, who promotes reading for children.

The Holiday Style & Garden Show on Sunday will include a style show and art projects. A birthday bag will be assembled for distribution by St. Joseph Food Pantry.

Keeping warm

Well, I know you will find plenty to do in Arizona. We will keep the home furnaces running around here.

Meanwhile, I am waiting anxiously for the first women’s basketball game at the Betty. It’s at noon Friday with Rhode Island.

Your friend, Marilyn, wondering where I put my gloves away in April.