Dear Dave McFarlane,

November is settling in on us now. We have had our first fling of snow. And we are rounding up our mittens and gloves.

Plenty of people are talking of plans to go South. So this is fair warning for you people down there in Florida – get ready. Knowing you and Kathy, the welcome mats are out.

Around here, the lefse recipes are coming out. The traditions are being revived. You know, lutefisk and lefse.

And up at Grafton, Clarabell Demers marked her 109th birthday on Sunday. She has had a busy, rich life around Oakwood and Grafton. She didn’t give up bowling until a couple years ago.

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Time marches on! The hockey pucks are flying around here. The UND Fighting Hawks won their games with Michigan Tech and have another couple games this weekend at the Ralph. On Thursday, the first home game for men’s basketball is coming up at the Betty. It’s with Crown College.

Red Lake Falls

I guess, when all is said and done, we live here because we like it here. That’s the lesson I have learned from reading the book by Christopher Ingraham of nearby Red Lake Falls, Minn. It’s title is, “If You Lived Here You’d Be Home by Now.”

He was in the Forks Saturday signing books and visiting with people at Ferguson Books. Most everyone wanted to chat with him. He’s that kind of a guy. With his family, he moved from the East Coast to the quiet of Minnesota.

He’s not going back. He works from his home. His wife has joined the city council in Red Lake Falls. His three sons are waiting for the snow to fly.

Chris Ingraham knows now that people are here are like people everywhere. Around Red Lake Falls, they seem more likely to know and care for each other.

Joe Zunich

Yep, Dave, I think it is the people who make any place called home. Years ago, I met Joe Zunich. He was one of the key people in the composing room on second floor of the Grand Forks Herald. There they would put lead type from the linotypes into page forms. He used to laugh and have fun when his crew built the pages.

He died Oct. 25.

Most of all, as it said in his obituary, he found great joy in bringing happiness to those around him.

Well, I guess that is what matters.

From the land of frozen pumpkins and hockey pucks, I send best wishes.

Your friend, Marilyn.