Dear Dave McFarlane,

It isn’t over until it’s over. Around Grand Forks we will cling to every ounce of summer. We have three weeks left. We will eat tomato, lettuce and bacon sandwiches and corn on the cob.

The campers will keep coming to the Red River State Recreation Area in East Grand Forks as well as Turtle River State Park. The campsites at both parks were all booked for Labor Day weekend.

Manager Catherine Johnson said in spite of its late start, the park in East Grand Forks was full.

Come and go

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Larry and Janet Eckstein of Red Lake Falls are among the campers who come and go from East Grand Forks. They are a retired couple with five grown children. They enjoy riding their bikes on trails along the east side of the river.

They come to the peaceful campgrounds about seven times every summer. They pay $66 for two nights.

“We like the space. Some parks don’t have that,” Janet said. “The other campers are mostly travelers."

As they sat outside their 30-foot Hornet home in the quiet of an evening, they talked of enjoying the sunset. They appreciate the cleanliness of the shower and bathrooms.

She’s retired from teaching at Mentor, and he is retired from work with the highway department. She said, “We love it here.”

She has counted license plates and sees a lot from Canada.

The Ecksteins use their pickup truck to go back and forth. And when the parks close, their trailer home will be parked outside for the winter.

Fall in Ft. Myers

You must be settling in for the fall and winter now in Ft. Myers. It’s good to know you are not in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Here in Grand Forks, the schools are off and running. Students will be settling into the nitty gritty of classes during the week ahead. They still are counting heads at UND. In some ways, the campus looks like a war zone to me. They have the Memorial Union and some other buildings down.

But life goes on! The Longest Table event is coming up Wednesday. It’s between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., out on University Avenue and North 25th Street. Though I am not quite sure what’s for dinner, I hope to find a seat there.

Then the calendars go wild, Dave. The North Dakota Retired Teachers Convention is coming up Sept. 9 and 10.

And the Potato Bowl USA weekend is coming up soon. The dates are Sept. 10 to 14.

This is such a great time of year around Grand Forks.

I see the Park Board commissioners are meeting at 5 p.m. today. Those meetings are open to the public, you know.

This is a great time of year for eating. There’s nothing better than a tomato and bacon sandwich. Do you have them down in Florida?

One ton trucks

Thanks for telling me about your great summer adventures. After you and Kathy visited your family here in Grand Forks, you went alone on a week-long photo tour of North Dakota. Then you had a guys only trip to an Ontario lake about 200 miles north of International Falls!

You said western North Dakota is amazing – if you don’t drive a 1 ton or ¾ ton pickup you are a nobody!

Well, North Dakota is amazing in September. The beet and potato trucks are beginning their annual runs. The countryside is beautiful.

So I send my best regards from the west side of the Red River of the North.

Your friend, Marilyn