Earlier this year North Dakota lawmakers defeated two pieces of legislation which would have legalized sports gambling in the state.

One would have legalized gambling on collegiate and professional sports; the other would have legalized wagering on the pros only.

Neither bill passed.

Yet other states are legalizing sports betting since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act for violating the 10th amendment. Iowa is about to become state number 11 to do so.

Here in North Dakota, it’s state Senator Scott Meyer (R-Grand Forks) who is now leading the charge for legalization. “Let’s not pretend it’s not happening,” he is quoted as saying in a recent Grand Forks Herald profile of the issue. “On ESPN right now, the bottom ticker has betting lines. KFAN Power Trip, I listen to on the radio, they’re talking the over-under. It’s now so mainstream. It doesn’t have that stigma anymore, and I never thought it should have it in the first place. We’re leaving money on the table we could use to fund other things.”

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