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Port: Sen. Hogue gives passionate speech on checks and balances

State Senator David Hogue (R-Minot) speaks in defense of SCR4001 which would require legislative approval of any ballot measures amending the state constitution.

The state Senate’s Committee’ on Government and Veteran Affairs voted on SCR4001 they gave it a unanimous “do not pass” recommendation.

The resolution, introduced by Senator David Hogue (R-Minot), would amend the state constitution to require that ballot initiative which would amend the state constitution be approved by the Legislature in addition to the voters.

I suspect the GVA Committee based their recommendation on the populist backlash from direct democracy fetishists who insist that our laws, up to and including our state constitution, must be vulnerable to the whims of masses as manipulated by expensive marketing campaigns.

But Hogue did a remarkable thing when the resolution came up for a floor vote. He gave a passionate speech about the need for checks and balances in the initiated measure process, and he ended up winning the vote. The resolution passed on a 31-6 vote.

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