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Deputies placed on administrative leave following officer-involved shooting

Commentary: North Dakota Deputy flubs another big drug bust, but cops considering keeping seized property anyway

Stutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser. Photo by John M. Steiner / The Sun

Last month, I wrote about a drug case out of Stutsman County where a massive amount of seized drugs were suppressed as evidence because the traffic stop made by Deputy Matt Thom was unconstitutional.

The smackdown delivered to the deputy by Judge Jay Schmitz in his order suppressing the evidence was, in a word, epic.

Today, news from the Jamestown Sun is that county prosecutors have dismissed charges in another drug case involving Deputy Thom. The dismissal comes ahead of a hearing on a motion to suppress evidence – 198 lbs of marijuana, specifically – in that case as well.

Perhaps local officials didn’t want another warts-and-all accounting of what Deputy Thom did wrong: "The Stutsman County state’s attorney’s office moved to dismiss drug charges against two people Friday at the request of the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office, according to court documents.

“After reviewing the case and going over it with the state’s attorney we found some issues with the case,” said Chad Kaiser, Stutsman County sheriff. “We felt it was best to dismiss the case.”

Kaiser said his department is going to get some more training into how to handle these situations and, boy, do I hope that happens.

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