FARGO - I am delighted that the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is on for Tuesday, June 12...

- I am very sorry that North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer, along with about two dozen other representatives and governors, have nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. Cramer is either sucking up to Trump, hoping this move helps him win his Senate race in November, or really believes Trump should win the prize now. Perhaps Cramer is motivated by all three of those scenarios. Yes, North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp has also brown-nosed Trump, but she has have never sunk this low.

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It is preposterous for Cramer and the others to believe that Trump belongs in the same elite category as many of the extraordinary people who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. They include: Civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Polish labor leader and fighter against Communism Lech Walesa, Holocaust survivor and human rights advocate Elie Wiesel, South African political prisoner and fighter against apartheid Nelson Mandela, and crusader for the needy Mother Teresa.

To be sure, there have been a few bad selections, such as North Vietnamese liar Le Duc Tho and the terrorist Yasser Arafat. Also, President Barack Obama was selected in 2009, but really had done nothing special at that time to deserve the award. Moreover, I applaud Trump for obtaining the release of three imprisoned Americans in North Korea, and for meeting with the North Korean dictator. Let's hope it makes for a safer world.

However, no person should ever win the Nobel Peace Prize who has backed out of the Paris Climate Agreement to help save the planet, dropped out of the deal to prevent Iran from manufacturing nuclear weapons (which Iran was abiding by), called Mexicans rapists and criminals, gave classified information to the Russians, ended protections for DACA families, banned Muslims, kicked out members of the military due to their sexual orientation, slashed refugee admissions to the U.S. by 59 percent, insulted war heroes and Gold Star families, mocked disabled people, called the American free press "the enemy of the people," attempted to kick millions of Americans off their health insurance, called Haiti and several other nations s***hole countries, praised Neo-Nazis, separated children from their parents, and supported torture.

History will not be kind to this cruel and dangerous president, or to the Cramer suck-ups, who blindly worshipped and encouraged his dreadful conduct.

- If you don't like this column, it's because I took Ambien when I wrote it.