Dear Makailah Dyer,

Though I’ve never met you personally, I just wanted to write and tell you how much your fans admire the way you played Saturday. You really held your own when the UND Hawks won the game with the basketball team from Weber State Saturday.

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You seemed cool, calm and determined.

I suppose that has something to do with your major listed as kinesiology. I had to look that up to find it is the science of human movement.

Well, anyway, your team as well as the men’s team, have made winter interesting for basketball fans around here. We’ll be out there Saturday when you meet up with Northern Colorado. That’s your last home game.

There’s still a couple games away for you and a couple at home here for the men before the tournament in March in Reno. And after that, there’s spring break coming up at UND March 13 to 17. The city schools list a spring break on March 16 and 17.  


This will be an exciting week on the high school hockey front with the state tournament in Fargo. The high school calendar has Thursday and Friday listed as conference trade days with no school. You may know that both Red River and Central high schools are flying high.

Meanwhile, there are signs of spring. One of them is the annual Grand Forks breakfast scheduled for at the Golden Corral in Mesa, Ariz., on March 2.  

This has been a strange winter with all the snow earlier and the rain on Monday. I think Mother Nature is a little mixed up.


Well, Makailah, I think your middle name should be “Determination.” I hope your winning ways will carry you and all of your teammates through the final games of the season.

Sincerely, Marilyn.

P.S. Fans will start gathering at 11:30 a.m. for lunch Friday at the Alerus Center to hear the coaches talk about UND sports. The food is good. The talk should be lively with your women’s hoops game coming up Saturday and Omaha in town for a hockey weekend. Lowell Schweigert, cheery chairman of UND Boosters, will preside.