Dear Sandy Mason,

I never understood that saying about things being slower than molasses in January. But I think I am getting the idea as we head along into 2017.

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You and Earl picked a good, cold year to settle into Arizona for good.

It seems as though a fourth of my friends have gone to Arizona and another fourth to Florida. I keep telling myself I don't deal well with the dry air in Arizona and the humidity is unpleasant to me in Florida.

Then I zip up my parka jacket and head out for meetings, bridge clubs or basketball games at UND.

Some people really, really like winter. Cindy Hunter and Greg Kaml love it so much they got married Saturday in the outdoor pavilion at the Grand Forks Historical Society when it was 9 below zero.

The ceremony took 13 minutes. She wore a silver dress and high heels. The ceremony was performed by David Berger, a minister at Sharon Lutheran Church.

The bride had a quilt with her all the time.

Both Greg and Cindy love to fish, so they were up at Lake of the Woods a week before the wedding. She does day care, and he is a crane operator.

She said there were 90 to 100 attending. And the reception was inside at Muddy Rivers in the Red Roof Inn.

When all was said and done, the guests agreed it was a "cool wedding."

Some people go to warm places for their weddings or after-wedding trips. This couple will head up to Lake of the Woods and go fishing anytime.

To each his (or her) own.

Best regards from a warm heart in North Dakota. Your friend, Marilyn.

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