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MARILYN HAGERTY: Here comes the Class of '66

They remember cruising around Grand Forks and making stops at the A&W Drive Inn and Henry's hamburgers.

This weekend, members of Central High School's Class of 1966 are holding their 50-year reunion. Also getting together are the combined classes of 1986 from Red River High School and Central.

The graduates from 50 years ago took a class picture Friday evening at the Hilton Garden headquarters. Today, for old time's sake, they are going to the Kegs Drive In.

This is a well-organized reunion. It included a bike ride Friday organized by John Leo. And Mark Paulson gathered a group of classmates for golf at Lincoln Park. Those who are making a general tour of the city this morning will end up at Widman's Candy Shop.

The Corner Stone Band is being resurrected tonight by Steve Rood, Dave Jeffrey and others at the Hilton Garden reunion headquarters.

"Where has time gone?"

That is the question classmates who graduated 50 years ago ask one another. The same question is asked by those attending the 30-year reunion of Central and Red River graduates.

After Friday tours of the schools, the 1986 graduates held a mixer Friday evening at the Broken Drum. Tonight there will be a social and a live band, Rhyme or Reason, at the Grand Forks County Fairgrounds.

Committee members include Darci Burris Bohn, Kari Franks Budge, Lori Pladson Eken, Janelle Ensrud, Mara Tangen Gerszewski, Kim Fayette Johnson, Wendi Smiley and Tracy LaHaise Stenseth.

Meanwhile, the Class of 1966 from the former St. James High School is drawing up plans for its 50-year reunion set for Aug. 19 through 21.


Rabbits and phone books

Along with the joys of summer, the third weekend of July brings ants in the kitchen, rabbits in the backyard and grass just crying to be cut.

It also brings a new Yellowbook with phone numbers. Among other things, the books reflect the regional creativity in naming beauty shops.

There's Absolute Beauty in Devils Lake. And one named All About Hair in Grand Forks. Then there's the Boutique on the Avenue in Hillsboro, N.D., Corner Cuts in Devils Lake and the He She's Salon and Spa in Grand Forks.

Best of all is Chop Shop in Michigan, N.D.


Luv you

Sometimes it's only seeing that is believing. So a reader sent a photo of a car with this license plate: CZECHMY. Other plates seen here and there: TOAST, LUV YOU and GET A CLU.


Mark and Leah

Cheerful people of the week: Mark Dobmeier and Leah Byzewski.