MINOT, N.D. — The thing about the members of the Bastiat Caucus is that when they're not busy promoting horrendous public policy, or harassing colleagues, they can be kinda fun to observe.

Case in point, Rep. Kathy Scroch, a Republican from Lidgerwood, North Dakota.

This week Gov. Doug Burgum held a bill signing ceremony and photo-op for House Bill 1435. That legislation requires the North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System to offer health care coverage, at no cost, to the survivors of an emergency responder who dies in the line of duty. That includes cops, correctional facility staff, emergency medical services personnel, or firefighters, whether they work for the state or a political subdivision thereof.

It's good legislation. The men and women who work those jobs give up a lot including, at times, their lives, and this a reasonable thing we can do to help compensate them. That's no doubt why it passed by wide, bipartisan margins in both the House (75 - 18) and the Senate (43 - 4).

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The bill signing put on by Burgum was a nice moment. The problem? Skroch showed up for the photo, and she was one of the 18 members of the House who voted against the bill:

That's definitely the bill signing for House Bill 1435. The outfits of those involved match up with similar pictures posted to Burgum's official Twitter account though, interestingly, Burgum's pictures don't show Skroch.

Maybe she got cut out?

Here's the journal entry for how the House of Representatives voted on H.B. 1435 back in February.

As you can see Skroch (and many other members of the Bastiat Caucus) are in the "no" category.

I don't begrudge anyone their vote against this bill. I think it's solid legislation, but concerns about things like cost are not unreasonable.

Voting no on something like this isn't unusual or even, depending on your point of view, particularly worthy of criticism.

But showing up to a high-profile photo-op for the signing of a bill you voted against? Well, that's just kinda weird.

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